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Statement in accordance with article 13 of legislative decree 196/0

Pursuant to and for the purposes of Art.13 of the law of 30th June 2003 n.196, “Code concerning the protection of personal data”, the following is stated:
1) Type of Data: Your personal details (name, surname, email, residence, telephone and mobile phone numbers etc) and navigation on the Calzitaly site via cookies will all be
processed(see point 4)

2) Means, purpose and duration of processing of personal data:

2.1) This data is collected and processed to provide the mandatory requirements related to our
business,legal status and contractual relations and is put into effect each time. Other than to all those who belong to our internal group (administration, commercial, production), the data may be disclosed to parties external to our organisation in that they are subsidiaries or associates or others who nevertheless carry out tasks on behalf of the company (for example: tax compliance, sales network, forwarding services, storage, information technology, counselling, transport etc), to banks for the management of receipts and payments arising from the contracts; to credit collection agencies: to business information companies who can assess the solvency of companies and behaviour of debtors; to subjects that fall under the law
2.2) With your consent, that you can always withdraw, it will also be used to:

Conduct market studies and statistics; b) correspond and/or send by automated means publicity material, commercial information by phone, SMS,MMS, video and other similar means, electronic post, hard copy, fax and/or attached to the invoice; c) to carry out direct and indirect sales pitches; d) to carry out interactive commercial communications; e) to conduct, also through telephone interviews, surveys, investigation on client satisfaction with the quality of services provided; f) to identify, also through electronic processing, consumer habits and inclinations, in order to improve the service provided, meet your specific needs with attractive promotions and offer new services and products from Calzificio Schinelli SrL. The data is processed lawfully and according to standards of fairness and confidentiality, in full respect of Legislative Decree 196/03, through both electronic means and manual/paper means and are included in databases managed directly by Calzificio Schinelli Ltd.

3) Optional Provision of Data: The provision of this data is optional but necessary to establish and/or fullfill all contractual obligations, therefore the failure to provide such data may lead to hindering the establishment of a relationship, its continuation or partial execution.

Use of the Calzitaly site is only possible through acceptance of the rules of the “cookie” policy that appear when first accessing the site and that we define in the following paragraph.

4) COOKIES POLICY- Cookies are strings of text sent from a web server (eg the site) to the user’s internet browser, they are automatically stored on your computer and then sent automatically to the server at each occurrence or following access, to the site.

Most web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies by default.

The Calzitaly website uses or can use the following types of cookies, including a combination of the same:

Session” – are stored on the user’s computer for purely technical and functional requirements, for the transmission of session identifiers that are required to enable a safe and efficient site; they are deleted at the end of the “session” (hence the name) with the closure of the browser. This type of cookie avoids the use of other technologies that could potentially compromise the privacy of the users.

Persistent” – remain stored on your computer’s hard drive until their expiry or until cancellation by users/visitors. Through persistent cookies, visitors who access the site (or any other users who use the same computer), are automatically recognised at every visit. Persistent cookies fulfil many functions in the interest of the navigators (such as the use of the navigation language or the recording of the shopping cart in online shopping). However, persistent cookies can also be used for promotional purposes. Visitors can set the computer’s browser so that it accepts/rejects all cookies or to alert whenever a cookie is offered, in order to assess whether to accept it. The user is allowed, however, to change the predefined configuration (default) and disable cookies (ie to block them permanently) by setting a higher security level.

These two types of cookie (session and persistent) can in turn be

  • of the “first party” when they are directly managed by the owner and/or manager of the webste

  • of “third party” when cookies are set up and managed by managers who are unfamiliar with the site visited by the user.

Other than session and persistent cookies, there can also be “third party” ones. The latter fall under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the same operator and are divided into the following main categories:

Analytics. Cookies are used to collect and analyse statistical information on access’/ visits to the website. In some cases, combined with other details such as the credentials entered for access to restricted areas (your email address and password), they can also be used to profile the user (personal habits, visited sites, downloaded data, interactions carried out, etc).

Widgets. This category includes all those graphic components of a user interface of a program with the aim to facilitate the user with the interaction with the program itself. By way of example the cookies of facebook, google and twitter are widgets. More information about privacy and their use is available directly from the websites of the respective operators.

Advertsing. This category includes cookies used for publicity purposes within a site. For example, Google falls into this categoruy. Further privacy information and the use thereof is available directly from the websites of the respective operators.

Web beacons. This category includes fragments of code that allow a website to transfer or collect information through the request for a graphic image. Websites can use them for different purposes, such as analysis of the use of websites, to exercise control and reporting on advertising and the personalisation of advertising and content.

Once you have acknowledged the warning and decide to proceed to the site www., you accept these rules on cookies.

5) Subjects who can receive communication of this data: the information acquired or processed also by third parties will not be subject to disclosure and dissemination outside the cases provided for by the law even if a commercial use is possible; their use will be based on the principles of fairness, legality and transparency in order to protect the privacy and rights of the stakeholders.
5) Rights pursuant to art 7 and 130: With regards to your personal data, you may exercise the rights indicated in art 7 and 130 of the legislative decree N. 196/2003; you can object at any time to the processing in question by sending a letter, email or fax to the data processing department.

6) the owner and manager of the data processing is Calzificio Schinelli srl - Via Svezia,14 - 6100 Castel Goffredo (Mn) – P.iva: 02064780204 – Fax 0376 771075 E-mail: [email protected].