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Schinelli hosiery factory has been producing stockings for women since 1960. Constantly updated technologies and attention to details have made it possible to realize high-quality products that are affordable too. Calzitaly is the brand chosen by Schinelli to present its product to the customers: all products are the outcome of innovation and experience and embody the tradition of the best Italian hosiery.

In order to keep at pace with the market, Calzinelly hosiery factory offers a number of collections: classic, Control Body, fashion, dance, children and many more. Calzitaly products are the result of a dynamic reality rooted in tradition and oriented towards innovation.


    La fabbriza Schinelli / Calzitaly


Schinelli hosiery factory is a firm in which stockings are produced directly, with a deep knowledge of the market and the products.
The target is to keep up-to-date a classic reality and enhance its results in terms of innovation and modernity. Because of that, Calzitaly is available only via e-commerce: an online shop which is able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding female customers.
Thanks to the choice of the e-commerce, we are able to sell directly to the final customer, without intermediation.
Women have become more and more demanding, and Calzitaly offers excellent quality products; moreover, because we do not have sellers, we are able to keep the prices affordable.

Our product

The strength of our company is the presence of technical products, which are designed to assure excellent comfort and wearability as well as femininity combined in one product. A special collection for women who want to feel charming without giving up comfort.

Some products by Calzitaly have been realised with the ambitious target to become an innovation in this field. Among our latest products are the ultra-comfortable tights with a “cushion” inside: a soft pad with massage effect located under the sole: a valuable help against the pain of wearing high heels for long periods.

How we work